PL Mack is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

Feeling a strong and undeniably deep passion for music at a young age, he began playing drums and percussion in Berkshire, Massachusetts, at fifteen.  He studied with the late Randy Kaye, who performed with such legends as Duke Ellington and Jimi Hendrix.


Within a year, PL’s professional music career took off as he developed his chops playing with a multitude of bands spanning a variety of genres.  He gained traction in 2008 touring nationally with Wah!, playing a mix of electronic world music and Kirtan.  With Wah!, he shared the stage with Bhajan greats like Krishna Das and Jai Uttal, opened for Reggae legend Yellowman while keeping time for Dub City Tribe, and forged himself in the fires of the mid-Atlantic Prog Metal scene with Earthborn, who split bills with bands like the international Post Hardcore heroes, Silverstein. 


Over the years, PL transitioned to singing, songwriting and production.  He has been influenced by all genres of music and writes in many styles such as Reggae, NeoSoul, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Electronic.  His style is eclectic, raw and soulful, with a thick drummer’s groove.


PL is currently producing his first solo album, from which two singles have been released; the debut single, "Stay Up," the follow-up single, "Forever or Never," and the latest, "The Siren & The Mirror". The full album is coming soon!