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Tap Into Your Senses

Into Their Hearts & Their Minds to the Core.


PL Mack Debut Album

Feedback from Jesse Kornbluth at

"I’m a horrific snob about a lot of things, but mostly about music. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear something new: a song that begins with a trumpet riff dreamy enough for Miles Davis in the l950s, then transitions into jazzy rap with urban lyrics. And how to explain that the same musician made a crazy drum video? And trumpet-backed reggae? This octopus talent is PL Mack, unknown to me because he’s been hiding out in the Berkshires. As a drummer, he’s toured as the drummer/percussionist for Wah! and has shared many stages with Krishna Das. A few years ago, he transitioned to singing, songwriting and production; he now performs with a guitar. If he were a wine, I’d say I get hints of chocolate and smoke and jerk chicken — the notes I also get in the music of Bob Marley and Ben Harper. An album is on the way; for now, there are a few songs on Google Play. In one, he sings that he’s “at war with desire.” Doubtful. But definitely at war with banality."